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导读:本论文是一篇关于戏剧翻译中的文化顺应的优秀论文范文,对正在写有关于戏剧翻译中的文化顺应论文的写作者有一定的参考和指导作用,《戏剧翻译中的文化顺应论文》论文片段:al (i.e. structural) and/or language-external reasons.” (2000:55-56) Adaptation theory focuses on relationship of language use and language users, aiming at explaining the language user’s purpose in communication and how to achieve the purpose through language.  Drama translation is a special fo

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【摘 要】戏剧是为舞台演出而作。为了目的语观众,戏剧翻译顺应目的语文化。本文结合语言学家Verschueren的顺应论,以《推销员之死》的两个中文译本为例,对戏剧翻译中的文化顺应进行探讨。
  【Abstract】Drama is written for stage. Drama translation is meant for target audience and must be adapted to the target culture. This paper discusses cultural adaptation in drama translation from the perspective of Verschueren’s adaptation theory, and uses two Chinese versions of Death of A Salesman as sources of examples.
  【Key words】drama translation; adaptation; culture
  Drama is a form of literature to be read and judged like fiction and poetry, but it is also meant to be performed on stage. Since the nature of drama is for the stage, “greater demands are placed on the translation with regard to its ‘performability’” (Baker 2004:71) Considering the fact that the most difficult obstacle in translation doesn’t come from linguistic but from cultural differences, the translator must treat the cultural phenomenon in the source language carefully and make the target text adapt to the target culture.
  Adaptation theory and Drama Translation
  Adaptation theory is put forward by Jef Verschueren. In his book Understanding Pragmatics, Verschueren puts that “using language must consist of the continuous making of linguistic choices, consciously or unconsciously, for language-internal (i.e. structural) and/or language-external reasons.” (2000:55-56) Adaptation theory focuses on relationship of language use and language users, aiming at explaining the language user’s purpose in communication and how to achieve the purpose through language.
  Drama translation is a special form of language use, and it involves kind of choice-making and language adaptability. It is a process of selection and adaptation. Considering the performability in the TL context, the tr


enomenon in the source language carefully and make the target text adapt to the target culture.  Adaptation theory and Drama Translation  Adaptation theory is put forward by Jef Verschueren. In his book Understanding Pragmatics, Verschueren puts that “using language must consist of the continuoWWw.YingyuLunwen.com 英语论文网整理提供