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The Importance of Reading English论文

导读:本论文是一篇关于The Importance of Reading English的优秀论文范文,对正在写有关于The Importance of Reading English论文的写作者有一定的参考和指导作用,《The Importance of Reading English论文》论文片段:t our faculty of memory in the morning is better than any other period of the day. Therefore, reading English in the morning is definitely good for us to remember what we have read. In addition, keeping reading English every morning is a good way to practice our oral English and correct our pronunci

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When we were in primary school, we were required to read English every morning. Now we are college students, and keeping reading English every morning is still very important.
  For one thing, it is well-known that our faculty of memory in the morning is better than any other period of the day. Therefore, reading English in the morning is definitely good for us to remember what we have read. In addition, keeping reading English every morning is a good way to practice our oral English and correct our pronunciation and develop our language sense.
  For another, reading English in the morning is a good start of a new day. If we read English in the morning, we will find that we will be in stimulated and fulfilled the whole day, and we will have a high enthusiasm to do other things.
  In short, it is still important to read English every morning even though we are in universities, especially for those who are English major.

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in the morning is better than any other period of the day. Therefore, reading English in the morning is definitely good for us to remember what we have read. In addition, keeping reading English every morning is a good way to practice our oral English and correct our pronunciation and develop our laWWw.YingyuLunwen.com 英语论文网整理提供


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